The Beginning Author

When I ran across this at work, I had to stop and chuckle. We all due to every now and then. A small mistake while our brain is on autopilot. Nothing is worse that writing a well thought out comment on the internet and being ridiculed for your beliefs based on a typo. That fuels my anger. If I had access to nuclear codes, I may send a missile or to at that IP address in a fit of fury.

Everybody like to pretend that they have it all together. The author who has been writing since age six laughs condescendingly at your adverb usage. The beta reader catches every misplaced comma. These people, while not intentionally trying to make you hate your writing (at least I hope not) can ruin a wonderful feeling.

I am here to say loud and proud that I am just a beginner and please learn from my mistakes. I am horrible with commas, and frequently tell instead of show. But, they are first drafts, if they are not bad then you must be some kind of genius. I want to get better, and that can only be done through practice. So here I am, putting myself out there to the world. Come judge me and my stories, we are ready for you! Just be kind, please.

I have loved reading since birth and have been creating stories of my own since before I could write. As an introvert I spent hours alone with my stuffed animals, sending them on important quests and grand adventures inspired by my most recent read. My first story was about Rainbow the bunny meeting her best friend and needing a band aid. I also drew the illustrations, something I would never do today! Starting in elementary school and into early high school I wrote often creating stories that never seemed to make it past the halfway point. Yet, I dreamed of publication. Seeing my name of the shelves of the library I loved so much. Late high school and most of college I quit writing for pleasure with the exception of a blog I wrote to motivate people to go to Indiana State Parks.

Now I have restarted, and let me tell you, I am nervous! I still dream of publication, some day, but with every person I beta read for those dreams seemed to grow more and more unrealistic. I felt like everyone else should already be successful. They knew where exactly to put commas every time. Their characters were original and amusing. I felt like anyone reading my story would laugh, like I laughed at the poor person’s typo on the paper. But I decided to make it a challenge instead of being defeated.


Every day I will write, either in my new novel, or editing my finished novel. I will get better, and one day maybe even get published.  I vow to allow people to read my work, even though it makes me uncomfortable. I vow to listen to constructive criticism without feeling hopeless. I will become a better writer this year, and when I do, look out world! Because I have a ton of ideas.

So, I guess what I am saying is, don’t be afraid.  There isn’t success without a little failure. Never let the fear of not being good enough hold you from doing something you enjoy. I am still facing this fear, sometimes it feels more like I am consumed by it. But like the say, practice makes perfect.


Have you ever succeeded at something that terrified you? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing success stories!


7 thoughts on “The Beginning Author”

  1. You are absolutely right. In order to achieve something, one has to make some effort. Never let fear get in the way of something that you really want to accomplish. I look forward to seeing your name on the cover of an awesome book.

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