Progress Feels Great!

I don’t know if it is the lovely spring weather (though that is ending today), or the sunshine, but I have been on a roll lately. The Soul Heist is coming along great! I have added so much lately.This story feels right, it is interesting and the idea is original. I wake up every morning eager to continue. Please let this feeling last for a while!

As of yesterday, I passed 5,000 words, which because I write slow, this is a big accomplishment. I have decided to add to my blog when I pass every 5,000 as a way to document my journey and see how fast I write. I think I need structure to stay motivated, which is why I enjoyed Nanowrimo so much. It forced me to try even on the days I was busy or would rather just veg out in front of the TV.

I also had my first Beta(ish) reader! I asked my husband to read a page to see how a scene felt and he ended up reading the whole chapter. a little background on my Kale, he is not a huge reader. He likes mainly short stories and stuff that he can get through quickly, so for him to struggle through my handwriting really meant a lot. He also said he really felt an emotional response to my first scene which has really helped build up my confidence. Now, I know you can’t take compliments from friends and family to heart, but I do. I need that motivation to keep going. I need to feel that other people understand my ideas.

Now that I have more motivation, I do not mind having my chapters all planned out before hand. I was still pretty vague with what happened in each chapter so I have a little wriggle room to add new ideas. Maybe this whole planning thing isn’t so bad. That being said, I am only in Chapter 2, so I will probably change my mind again before all is said and done.

But enough about me. I have realized through my writing, exercising and many other aspects of my life, that a happy attitude makes everything better. I maintain a positive outlook by celebrating my small accomplishments, like finishing my first chapter, or doing a 45 second plank without resting. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in comparisons. You are not a failure because you wrote 1,000 words today instead of 3,000. You are amazing!

Anyways, sorry for a short blog post, but I really want to finish chapter 2 today. While I have the motivation, I better take advantage of it! (Knock on wood)

How are your projects coming? Let’s celebrate or achievements together, no matter how small!


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