What is Love?

(Baby don’t hurt me) ((I’m sorry, I had to)

Anyone else sick of love triangles? I swear they are in every single YA book, and it makes me want to puke. Even pretty low-key ones like in The Hunger Games. Am I aging out of the YA category? I hope not! (I really think that YA is for everyone! No shame for reading, ever!) Is that just what sells to hormonal teenagers? Probably. I try to avoid romance in my stories. I am not a very emotional person, and while at times I enjoy reading mushy stuff, I live for action adventure. A love story can just slow down the good parts! With one exception, in my opinion, Han Solo and Leia.  But other than that, I say screw love and save the world!

Becuase I have had to throw so many YA books across the room, disgusted,  I am trying to branch out a bit into adult fiction! A scary genre because there are so many to choose from. I am intimidated by the rows of shelves in the library, so I tend to stick with people I love. James Patterson, some Stephen King, Agatha Christie. But even these famous authors have strange ideas on how love forms. In The Murder House, that I am reading now, Noah Walker’s the main characters ex-girlfriend dies, and his current girlfriend commits suicide within a year. Despite all that he is ready to love the detective that helped put him away for a crime he didn’t commit. I don’t know about you, but if my husband died, it would take at least a few years to get over it, not a matter of weeks. Let alone if my rebound boy died months later.

How important is a love story in a novel to sell. I mostly write because I love to do so, but one day I dream of seeing my name in Barnes and Noble. My love stories are small to non-existant. Granted I did try a bit in  A Sparkle of Blue, based on what my beta reader (AKA sister) wanted. I feel those scenes are awkward.  I will just write and see how the characters grow. If they grow close as friends, great. If it turns into more, I will deal with it as it comes. I just hope that my mediocre love story does not take away from the rest of the adventure.  And honestly, if the difference between getting published or not is a love triangle, I would turn down the offer. (Big words now, I know.) I refuse to write anything that I do not love.


What do you think of over used tropes? If an aspect of a story is really common in a genre, does it need to be there to be published?



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