A Sparkle of Blue

Sam Grissom lives in a small town in Nevada where the most exciting thing to happen is the monthly abductees anonymous meeting. That is until water begins disappearing around the state, and her roommate is murdered.She is swept up in a whirlwind adventure on a secret moon colony to get revenge for her friend’s death and learn of her family’s secrets.


This is my first full length novel, at about 100,000 words. I am currently in the editing process, so if I am crying or second guessing my life, this is why. I have included the excerpt below and am always looking for beta readers. If you are interested, please email me at bre.madison.king@gmail.com


Chapter 1

Amber eyes searched the never ending void for any sign of the blue, life-giving element so rare in the universe. The Lifeforce. The pilot beside her hissed murderous thoughts, angry at the scaleless ones who ruined their home and praying to the gods for vengeance and protection. The never ending sound made her want to enact his own threats against him. Scale him and watch the hiss die in his throat. He acted like a whining hatchling, not a trained warrior. Weak.


She scratched a cheek in frustration. A few scales fluttered down onto the control panel, dislodged by the sharp nails. Everything was so dry.  Mars was running out of liquid, leading to early molting cycles and death. Children, dead or dying. Elderly, dead or dying. Only the shashanni, the group of reproductive age, stood in between life and death.


Her eyes burned with hatred.

They did this to usss. They spread the pale death and destroyed everything they touched. Demonsssss.

With a gentle hum, the environmental controls switched on, warming the reptilians from the freezing darkness. They were far from their home planet, where warmth was abundant. Forced to travel and face the danger of freezing to death. As the cockpit became warmer, she felt her heart beating stronger and blood moving faster. Immediately, her brain felt more awake than minutes before. Once these scaleless ones were dealt with, she would never leave her home planet again if she was given a choice.


A younger, smaller soldier who had leaned closer trying to soak in some of the heat from her heated chair was hit by a quick, precise swing of her tail. He hissed, scuttling back in pain, holding his injured arm. She hadn’t hit him with all her force, but enough for the sharp scales on her tail to leave a cut.  A drop of blood dripped onto the stony ground of the ship carved out of a meteor.

Ssssstupid Male. The underling was too young to have been given a name. Especially in times like this, it was not worth wasting time on memorizing names of Zmija who would only die. She smugly settled back into her heated seat. She had fought many battles and killed many to come to this position. Gods help him if he thought she would suddenly grow kind.


Males were typically smaller, but quick. She would have to keep a close eye on the insubordinate to make sure he was not trying to find an opening to take her power. All it would take is a knife through the throat or a poison left in a meal and everything she had worked for would be gone. An angry hiss rose in her throat.


He will not make it back from this trip alive, she decided. It is better to lose one soldier than risk her position. She needed this power, and the leadership that came with it. The scaleless would pay for everything they had done. They would pay for every bit of the pain they had caused.



Her dry, forked tongue snaked out of her mouth between razor sharp teeth, unconsciously feeling the air as if trying to locate any moisture. Or an alien to kill. Either way she would drink tonight. Be it blood or the Blue, both would settle her upset body.

In the distance was the answer the Zmija had been looking for. A speck of blue and green sparkled, getting closer every day. The ship was slow, but it worked. Just a few years ago they had not even been able to imagine traveling beyond their red home, but now they will control the stars, shining souls of the ancestors. According to the computers, they would reach the planet by morning.  Her reptilian lips spread  into a wide smile revealing her thin teeth.


Only a few more hours, then they would steal the Blue and kill any Scaleless alien that tried to stop them. She turned to her crew, some hidden in the rocky out croppings of the ship, some laying under heat vents, fighting for warmth. When she stood, she commanded attention with a harsh hiss. From the top of her scaly head to her long deadly tail was covered in blood red scales, much like the blood she longed to take from the scaleless. Immediately the crew stood at attention. Their eyes turned to her with eagerness. Souls dripping with blood lust.


“Morning, we reach the marble planet!”


The crew cheered, tails waving in the air. A few of the crueler Zmija began chanting an old war song, “Kill, Spread the gore, Kill, Kill, Give them more, Kill, Kill, Kill.” They were silenced by her glare.


“We take what we need to stay alive. Save your energy for the scaleless ones! Plenty of slaves to be had, and lifeforce to steal. We will take what is ours! Revenge for our children, for our brothers and sisters. Tomorrow, we begin our new lives as commander of the ancestors! “


The crew began beating their tails against the rocky floor, raising a layer of dust and fallen scales. The noise rose through the silence like  a beat of a drum heralding war.

It was beginning.