The Soul Heist

This is my second novel, and the one I am currently writing. It is also a sci-fi/ adventure novel starring Lee, a young woman who is the soul provider in her family (See, I am funny).  She is forced to steal with her gang for extra money to pay for her father’s medical bills, but there is never enough. In order to try to save her family, she must break almost every law in the book. While the rich pay good money to have vacations from their body and become another person, what better time than to rob them blind? That is, until the glitch.

The title is very tentative and I don’t really like it. I am currently working on writing every day on this novel, but I often get distracted. My goal is to finish it before August 2017.

5,000 Words–Complete! 2/23/17

10,000 Words– Complete! 3/9/17

15,000 Words– Complete! 3/24/17

20,000 Words– Complete 4/3/17

25,000 Words– Complete! 4/25/17 (I started a new, intense job first week of April. SO glad things have finally calmed down enough that I have the energy to write again! Moving write along)

30,000 Words– Complete!

35,000 Words

40,000 Words

45,000 Words

50,000 Words